About Us

With four current locations across the West Midlands, Tags & Rags have been recycling unwanted clothing for cash since we first opened our doors in 2011.

Who We Are

Established for over 9 years, Tags & Rags are a family business specialising in textiles recycling.

We pride ourselves on offering first class customer service: all of our stores have free parking and friendly staff. When available, our staff can help you unload your vehicle to make parting with your items as easy as possible.

Once your items have been weighed using our trade approved scales you will receive CASH for your unwanted items.

We pay up to £1.00 per kg

We pay up to £1.00* per kg for newly tagged items of clothing. We also pay up to £0.45* per kilo for clean and wearable used clothing.

* We always aim to pay the best prices in your area. Please visit the page for your local store for our latest prices and a list of accepted items, as each store differs.

Why recycle your clothing?

Recycling your unwanted clothing reduces landfill waste as well as the amount of resources needed to produce new clothes. Do a good deed to the environment today, whilst de-cluttering your home in return for cash.

You can also donate the money to a charity of your choice.

Fundraising ideas

Are you looking to raise money for a charity or fund such as scouts, girls brigade, school or sports club? Collect as much clean wearable clothing and shoes as possible and get paid cash today.

We can also help charitable organisations offload any clean wearable items. Please contact your local store for details.

I recently visited the Bloxwitch Tags & Rags and was greeted by friendly and helpful staff. Easiest £10 I've ever made!!

~ Emily Smith

Great little place, easy to find. Always A** customer service with Luke, would definitely recommend this place.

~ Tami Brett

Fabulous way to recycle wearable clothes.

~ Karen Thorpe Rixom

Always helpful and friendly.

~ Sally Ann Steventon

Always nice and friendly. Don't rip you off. So glad I found it.

~ Kirsten Rose

Fab service!

~ Caron Jones

Great service, nice guy, don't bother with the others in Telford. Will be going there again.

~ Mike Hudson

Nice guy, easy to park right outside. Will be using again. Thanks

~ Joanne Roberts